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review: koji kondo/eat avery's bones split 7-inch
Anonymous says..6:44 AM
don't know where you got this false info. we gladly carry every local release that we're asked to...in all formats.-cjd
elbud says..7:26 AM
good stuff. I've played with koji kondo many times and it's always a treat to hear Adam play guitar live.
Anonymous says..7:35 AM
don't worry CJ, defensive listening just has sand in her vag.
Defensive Listening says..7:54 AM
The statements are based on several experiences, going back to before CJ even worked there. I stand by my statements.
Anonymous says..8:20 AM
Offensive listening must be in a crappy band Good Records didnt want to carry
Anonymous says..8:23 AM
of course you do, DL. you've always got to have the last word.
Defensive Listening says..8:28 AM
Not true.
Zine-O-Phonic says..8:53 AM
I'm a big fan of the fact that vinyl pressings are starting to come with the ability to download legal high quality Mp3s.

As far as I am concerned, if I bought it on vinyl, I don't have any problem downloading it illegally anyways, but I think it's a smart step for new releases.

Wilco is even offering a copy of the cd if you pre-order the new album on vinyl.

One of my favorite split 7"s was screeching weasel/born against. The concept was that they exchanged lyrics, but would perform the song in their own way. The screeching weasel tracks are forgettable, but the born against songs were great. Specifically the song Janelle, which I'll post on my blog tonight, when I get home.
Anonymous says..9:00 AM
Can you please start putting the ending punctuation inside the quotations? I thought I taught you better than that.

-Defensive Listening's 6th grade Language Arts teacher.
Defensive Listening says..9:11 AM
Damn. Sorry. God, I hated Ms. Turner.
Anonymous says..9:21 AM
Um, if CJ comes on here and says it's not true, then it's not true. Are you serious, DL? You still stand by your scene gossip when the dude himself is telling you it's not true?
stonedranger says..9:27 AM
alright, lets just tell them who you really are, DL.

Defensive Listening is actually Tim Delaughter's older brother Jim Delaughter. For most of their lives, Tim and Jim got along pretty well, and for a brief time, Jim even served as Tripping Daisy's road manager.

However, the two brothers' relationship became a bit rocky in March of 1997, when Tim's Good Records store refused to carry the debut single by Jim's band Mystic of the Mountaintop. The single, which was a funky 9 1/2 minute jamband style cover of Coolio's "Rollin with the Homies," was considered a masterwork by many in the jam band community, including Trey Anastacio, who called it "an audio gift from god." However, Tim just didn't believe that his brother had what it took to survive in alternative rock, and since then, Jim has made it his life's work to bring Good Records down at all costs.

Its the sole reason he started writing for this blog, and I'm sorry to everyone that we have mislead.
Zak says..9:39 AM
cool, I'll have to pick this up. I like reviews that describe the music and compare it well to other things enough to make me want to hear the music.

I don't think anything can ever replace the 7-inch single or vinyl as a format. I could see the cd disapearing, but not vinyl. It's tough for me to see any type of digital release that can have the same kind of impact for people, though I do think that these kinds of singles should be offered up in a digital format as well. Either for free with the purchase of the vinyl,which is more and more common, or you can pay for the ep as a download only.
Zak says..9:42 AM
hah, I didn't refresh before I posted. Zine-O basically made the same point I did.

that should be DL's official bio from now on.
Anonymous says..11:08 AM
I'm with you DL- Don't listen to these chodes. Good review. I look forward to the next one.
Anonymous says..11:38 AM
Do you even read your own blog? The last Good Records chart posted has a local 7 inch in the number one spot. Better do some research next time (see: scrolling down.)
Anonymous says..11:46 AM
i'd be pissed if i was either of these bands and saw that they talked about vinyl/myspace (a non-existent argument... we're so glad you're wowed by the fact that people still release vinyl!)
and what they sound like live instead of what the songs actually sound like. At least more than i don't know what he's talking about and i never will or telling them that the bands we think they sound like are obscure, but don't worry, you should take it as a compliment because we're the arbiters of cool. the rant at the end about good records is just icing on the cake. why not just say you can get it at good records? you're a cunt.
Anonymous says..11:47 AM
anon 1:38

i looked at the list , wich one was the local 7", i wasnt familiar with there name i guess , i only recognized a few of the national bands.
Anonymous says..11:52 AM
1. Voot Cha Index - The Talking House/Cradle 7"

maybe DL should buy a copy at Good and give it a review.
mc says..11:55 AM
Out of curiosity, where can one pick up this 7-inch? And isn't mailing those things out a pain ....

By the by, I saw Upsilon Acrux play a 10-minute set to me and two other people at SXSW a few years ago.
Anonymous says..12:10 PM
okay, so the local that you could conjour up (Voot Cha Index) was actually put out by CJ and Good Records.

yeah, that counts.
Anonymous says..12:24 PM
i'm gonna bitch about how good records doesn't support local musicians by selling the 7"s in the store and then when confronted with the opposite, bitch about how good records supports local music so much that they put out the 7"s themselves. whassamatter? CJ not like your band?
Anonymous says..12:35 PM
to me nothing can replace a live show with the some attention to fundemental acoustic rules.

Defensive Listening says..12:40 PM
"Um, if CJ comes on here and says it's not true, then it's not true. Are you serious, DL? You still stand by your scene gossip when the dude himself is telling you it's not true?"

Maybe CJ isn't the one who told a member of the band that they don't usually do this but they would in this case because they liked the artwork. I'm sorry, but this is a true story. Simply because CJ comes on here and explains the store policy, which I do appreciate, doesn't mean it didn't happen. An employee did at the very least, give this impression to the band who recounted this briefly to me. And it supports experiences I've seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears about the screening process for local material at Good Records. This isn't sensationalism. If Good Records doesn't want to put across this image to people, then the first words out of an employee's mouth when dealing with consignment consideration with a local band shouldn't be something suggesting that this isn't what they normally do or engage in. That was the impression they gave a member of the band and have given other people, including myself who has witnessed these exchanges. They do carry some local stuff in various formats but it goes through a screening process first. CD World does the same thing. Waterloo Records doesn't. Do you think having such an open policy has hurt business at Waterloo Records? The employee who handled this situation might have been referring to the fact that they don't just take things unsolicited off the street. I just think it's a somewhat self-important stance they take and that they should probably have been more liberal in the past 7 years regarding what they carry. The store has been known far and wide for having a somewhat narrow scope compared to other stores in Texas. No big deal, many record stores have a bias slanted towards the owner's taste. It's their business and they can carry what they want or not carry what they don't want. Fine. I just don't know how healthy it's been for local music that the store is more likely to just carry things that sound like High Llamas or whatever the fuck when that isn't necessarily what defines music in DFW. Many bands don't even try to deal with them because they just figure that Good Records will most likely not be sympathetic to their intentions as a band or their style of music. That assumption is based on many things and I don't blame any band for holding that opinion. I will say that I think the store has improved since their move to Greenville ave. and I think their stock has improved as well. But when I think of a place like say, End Of An Ear in Austin, I just think it's never reached it's potential and I don't think it wants to. I still spend money there, though.

PS-Sorry to just use Austin stores as examples, but there aren't many to choose from around here.
stonedranger says..1:03 PM
I have practically no knowledge of the store's policy in regards to local music, so I can't comment on that. I know I haven't seen much local music there, but to tell you the truth I really haven't been in there to look for it too often, so I really don't have an opinion.

However, I will agree that since the store has moved to Greenville, i've noticed quite an improvement in their selection. I was just in there the other day for the first time in several months, and I noticed a lot of fairly obscure, high quality albums on the shelves that I'm pretty sure weren't there several months ago. They don't have EVERYTHING you could possibly ever want, and I do agree that they could carry a more diverse inventory, but they've got a pretty decent amount of good stuff.

But the reason I would shop there before, say, CD World, is because the people that work there are actually nice. Has anyone ever been to Other Music in New York? Well have you seen that Youtube spoof of the place? If so, you don't need to go because thats pretty much how it really is there. The employees are dicks. I've also had similar bad experiences at places like CD world here in Dallas and at Waterloo in Austin... employees that have actually convinced themselves that they are cool as fuck because they work at a record store.

I have yet to see any sign of this at good records, and any time you want to talk about pretty much any band you can think of, CJ is always willing and able to share a lot of information with you. To me, those interactions are the main selling points for Good Records.
Anonymous says..1:18 PM
Hey so, on a lighter note, here is the lineup tonight at Darkside Lounge
Medicine Fuck Dream
Strange Boys
Tame...Tame and Quiet
Anonymous says..1:19 PM
"employees that have actually convinced themselves that they are cool as fuck because they work at a record store."

I hate that mentality. It seems to have pervaded the blog world as well.
Anonymous says..1:25 PM
i've always found quite a bit of local music at good records. and it seems that most of the music you talk about on this blog is pretty well represented at their store.
Justin says..1:45 PM
I don't know where people are getting their info. I worked at Good Records. The store is stocked with local music cds, vinyl, and even independent film. Most all of them are consignment. I can say the policy not more than a year ago was you bring it, we'll sell it. The employees don't have time to track down local bands and ask to sell their cd in the store. When someone would come in and ask me for a band's cd that we don't carry, I'd recommend next time he saw them live to bring it in to us. If its a band we like a lot, we usually ask for a promo copy so we can place it on listening posts or to play over the PA in the store. If a local cd is not there its because no one brought it to Good Records to sell. So bring us your new CD. Ask to have a cd release instore, they probably won't say no. You'll find the employees, at least all of the old guard still working there, are a really nice bunch of guys who really really really love music and can't wait to talk about it with whoever walks in the door.
Justin says..1:48 PM
I didn't really mean to use posessives like we and us in my post, since I don't work there anymore, but I still adore that place, and a part of me will always be a Good Records friend/employee.
stonedranger says..1:50 PM
awesome. If that is the current policy, then I hope the local rockers reading this website take advantage of it. Of course, that doesn't mean that the policy you describe has always been in place, but its good to know that the store is open to local releases.
Anonymous says..2:06 PM
CJ raped me for trying to buy an Unwound record.
fuzzbuzz says..2:51 PM
All this about Good Records is news to me. Even way back in '98(99?) they carried my band Swivels little nothing cd release and just recently asked me to bring in our local Lollipop Shoppe comps featuring all those local bands. Seems they're doing good work.
hipster #2 says..3:02 PM
Anonymous says..3:57 PM
where's the youtube spoof of other music?
-|zs|- says..5:40 PM
Good recently acquisced to carry the Zanzibar Snails "Introdewcing" CDr, and requested a store copy. I was pleasantly surprised, and plans are afoot to bring some in (in case Chris is reading this).

Of course, we are pessimistic that anybody in Dallas would buy it, but this may be overly irrational.
Anonymous says..6:37 PM
Um, yeah. I'm sorry I ever argued about anything on here. So...anyways......I think Eat Avery's Bones completely rule! I think it's very nice that you pointed out how cool those kids are on top of making super fun rock and roll! Good people in good bands need GOOD support. Thanks We Shot J.R.! Can't wait to get me a copy!

-Kyle Nite
R. Javelinn says..9:23 PM
For years my band, La Goons has sold our shitty little records on consignment at Good, and not just to CJ, but to several others.

I am fairly certain they consider us a novelty at best, but have always been nothing but ultra-nice, courteous and respectful.

In fact, after one such pleasant exchange, CJ took me in the back of the store, rolled a Snickers bar up in a tortilla, and smoked it with me right then and there...even after I told him why I thought Tim
Delaughter should be publicly executed at the guillotine.

Anyway, I hope nobody felt any real emotion over this tiff...it's pretty silly...but I suppose that's why this blog entertains me so. DL should just double check facts before slagging someone, though that was a great review of two bands that deserve some attention.

Oh shit! A moustachioed baby just hovered past my window in a sombrero!
Anonymous says..11:51 PM
You're all doing a HUGE disservice to Eat Avery's Bones and Koji Kondo by fighting over this "Good Records is in the wrong" bullshit. Grow the fuck up. Nice Ice by Eat Avery's Bones is a great song...i'm glad they chose to put that on the record. I can't wait to hear it on vinyl! Way to go Meggie and Matt....i've always wanted to have a 7". That's so cool!

Alex says..12:09 AM
If it doesn't have a good selection of metal, then i don't give a fuck. I'd rather shop at Hastings, at least there I can pick up the new Amon Amarth album.

Also, I still have the Jackson 8 7" I got at GR a few years back. I think it still has the price sticker on it.

I want to make a 7"

URN says..2:02 AM
Damn, that is good artwork, though.

And not saying Good Records does business in this manner, because I don't know, or that it's right one way or another, but honestly, what's the problem with being selective about what you carry? I don't think it's anyone's inherent artistic right to have their product marketed by a retailer simply because it's produced near said retailer and because said retailer happens to be one of the only decent record stores in town.

I've been handed a thousand copies of various demo albums by some random person just wanting to promote whatever it is they think they have, that I'd never spin a number of times, or want to promote in any facet. It's noble that they took the effort to do the leg work and hand it to me, but I, in no way, feel obligated to pass on what I subjectively deem as trash to the rest of the world. And I, therefore, feel no remorse as the demo CD freefalls out of my car window, hopefully to be shattered, but at least to be unreadably scratched up.

Any band that deeply gives a damn whether Good Records carries their album or 7" or not either hasn't mastered their Pitchfork music template vocabulary and is just terribly mediocre, or is possibly too good, or at least beyond your surroundings, to even need to be concerned with local record sales. You'll later live in some type of infamy, or die in obscurity. Either way, depending on which way you lean, you'll feel vastly underappreciated or secure enough with what you've produced to not give a shit.
Anonymous says..7:19 AM
i bought the 7" at good records yesterday.

its damn fine.
Anonymous says..9:08 AM

are you a dj?
Anonymous says..9:17 AM
"You'll later live in some type of infamy, or die in obscurity. Either way, depending on which way you lean, you'll feel vastly underappreciated or secure enough with what you've produced to not give a shit."

Anonymous says..9:19 AM
What started the Good argument was an assumption of official policy based on what one employee may or may not have said while DL was eavesdropping. The smart thing to do would have been to call Good and ask about the policy, so that at least they could comment on the alleged occurrences of snobbery. It's just the responsible thing to do if you are reporting. But I don't really care that DL wasn't completely thorough this time around, because it produced substantial comment debatery, instead of the normal "I was raped at House of TInnitus by Farah" bullshit.
Anonymous says..11:20 AM
Talk more about Eat Avery's Bones and Koji Kondo and the split 7" they just put out. Let's write this next time: "Eat Avery's Bones and Koji Kondo just put out a split 7" and I think it's really good and I think you might like it as well, so buy one!" Sounds good to me. Quit arguing. It makes all of you look really childish. I think it's wonderful that bands are still making records....I can't wait to put out a 7" or full length someday. Way to go guys! Vinyl's where it's at!

Anonymous says..6:22 PM
I was raped at House of TInnitus by Farah
bkSB6K A round of applause for your article.Much thanks again. Great. says..6:33 AM
bkSB6K A round of applause for your article.Much thanks again. Great.
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