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Anonymous says..2:16 PM
HOUSE OF TINNITUS is gonna be straight up fun tonight!!!
Anonymous says..2:19 PM
whatever Geoff
Anonymous says..2:22 PM
ctr at hot! gnarly
Jim says..2:27 PM
@Suset Grille
10pm $5


MINX is on first. Sure, Sunset's not your favorite venue, but it's different, a good lineup, and we get paid. Help send Minx on tour this summer!

I must make it to House of Tinnitus tonight as well ...
Anonymous says..4:19 PM
Yawn. I'm so sick of you guys giving props to shitty bands. Saying christian teenage runaway is a great live band is like saying George W. Bush is the best president EVER. What's wrong with you guys? You're really starting to lose it. As in integrity. Why don't you just do a write up on Mushroom Groovy or The Mad Scientists? Or maybe The 4:20 Blues Band? Whomever this Stoned Ranger or Defensive Listener is, it is quite apparent that neither of them have any taste. I have more taste in my penis.
Anonymous says..4:27 PM
yeah, i've got to agree with this dude. the christian teenage runaways suck. bad. listening to them scream is like being forced to listen to someone being raped. seriously.
Anonymous says..4:27 PM
yeah, i've got to agree with this dude. the christian teenage runaways suck. bad. listening to them scream is like being forced to listen to someone being raped. seriously.
Anonymous says..4:28 PM
sometimes you've just got to print it twice, if not thrice.
stonedranger says..4:37 PM
you must have a bad ass penis, because we're both pretty fucking cool people.

And seriously, what local bands do you like? I'm actually curious to know.
Anonymous says..4:43 PM
I might go to amateur night at HOT. Wait... why would I go see shit?
stonedranger says..4:46 PM
wow, you're really pathetic to post a comment and then agree with yourself a few minutes later. Good one.
Anonymous says..4:58 PM
At least Zac Crain isn't running for mayor. What a douche! Couldn't get 473 signatures. Hahahahahahaha!
Anonymous says..5:01 PM
people have too much Hipness stuck up there ass to just have some fucking fun!
Anonymous says..5:07 PM
how come you werent calling HOT amature night last weekend?... because they had THE ULTIMATE line up all weekend!!! they had a better line up/showcase all three nights than any club or venue has had in a LONG time!!!
Anonymous says..5:08 PM
its gotta be really hard being a boy with really great equipment and not enough attention ---you know you jack off to our screaming cause it reminds you of your mother yelling at you cause you are a bad boy
Anonymous says..5:09 PM
and i mean musical equipment not dirty ones
Anonymous says..6:08 PM
dude, I'm influenced by a Super Giant Freebirds w/ extra cilantro and those really zesty purple onions
Anonymous says..6:48 PM
shq seems to have much better acts than h.o.t.... unless your a 16 year old.
Anonymous says..7:16 PM
SHQ and HOT together serve up anything you could want to hear. There's no reason to act competitve about it. Same coin, diff sides.
guTTerTh says..7:26 PM

guTTerTh Live: Episode Twelve

PARATA (formerly Keating)

@ J&J's Pizza PIES!


Please come, thanks.

Anonymous says..7:37 PM
SHQ blows HOT away by a mile. The two shouldn't even be compared.
R. Javelinn says..7:52 PM
Screw SHQ and HOT...RIP in Dallas is the place. Just dig a hole in the dirt, lay in it, and go to sleep...best club in the Metroplex.
shq says..8:56 PM
Denton would miss out on some great shows without the hard work that Rob and Amelia do over at HOT. A fact is a fact. Same team. And now that 8th Continent is rolling again, it's only going to get better in the 940. Throw the greatness that is J&J's, Strawberry Fields, TXMF, Basement Front, Hot Link, Frenetic Love, Dan's, and Rubber Gloves into the mix and yamahamza, we gots a party going. Rubber Gloves started as a DIY. Hell, aren't all clubs DIY? Let's all quit overanalyzing this stuff and just have a good time.
shq says..8:58 PM
And you just wait and see the action that Dallas is about to pull out of it's butt. those cycles we talk about are soon to roll over in the 214. Somebody just has to take the first step. It's not hard to unlock a door and book a band.
Anonymous says..9:21 PM
S.H.Q. is for old fuckers. H.O.T. is the shit
Anonymous says..9:29 PM
HOT is a living room.

SHQ is cool place.
tystamp says..10:06 PM
trying cause some sort of dualistic obediance between SHQ & HOT is fucking lame. the same people go to both of the fucking places. only someone who doesn't even go to either would say stupid shit like that. in fact a lot of the bands that play @ SHQ play @ HOT.
denton is on the up and up with some great DIY. this isn't some stupid fucking competition it's rock and roll and parties. dumbshit. i mean unless you're a 16 year old.
Chris says..10:14 PM
Christian Teenage Runaway were awesome tonight. SHQ and HOT are both great.
Anonymous says..12:03 AM
i lika da vaginas
Anonymous says..2:51 AM
Well we fucking mosh is what happens. Yeah. Seriously. Like, almost everyone leaves, and like there is lets say ten people left drinking plenty and doing whatever. Well one of those whatever things they do is continue to mosh dance pretty late. Like fools are getting sweaty up in this bitch. I mean come on. Come on out and check it out. It's like crazy dancing. You can't hang I bet. But come on, and see. For like a real long time.

Anonymous says..2:51 AM
The last comment was the answer to what happens at Tinnitus as soon as the last band is done.
Anonymous says..2:52 AM
Metal is alive, but we are open to a lot of music. I think this is no different.
Anonymous says..6:34 AM
yeah,like i mean comE on guys...
SHQ ANDDDD HOT are diy and diy is,you know diy.it's the 940 way.it's that one caters to pop puke while the other caters to noise puke..so what?
diy though.oh and did you know that the money it takes to keep shq running comes outta there own pockets???!!!!bet you already heard that though.it's diy in denton guys.and they are showing us things that have never been done before.thank jesus for the 940
Anonymous says..7:51 AM
"...here most bands are more concerned with avoiding stains on their two hundred dollar jeans."
Nordstrom Rack. $50 $200 jeans
Nut Sack says..8:02 AM
the put the 'like' in your drunk sloan?
nut sack says..8:03 AM
i mean
WHO put the 'like' in your drunk sloan?
Jim says..8:17 AM
This is just silly. Whoever is going to anonymously shit on people who work hard to put on shows for our benefit, whether you like the music or not, is either a coward and a fool or just trying to get everyone stirred up. ... Maybe it's a reverse psychology publicity stunt.
Jim says..8:19 AM
Last night at HOT was great by the way. Thanks Amelia and Rob!
Anonymous says..8:23 AM
b. brown upstaged rob g. last night..... just sayin
attendee says..9:25 AM
hot was radical last night
Anonymous says..10:04 AM
Please come to J&J's tonight at 8:15. Free show.
Anonymous says..12:27 PM
b. brown upstaged rob g. last night..... just sayin

Anonymous says..12:51 PM
Anonymous says..1:30 PM
ctr ruled it last night
Anonymous says..1:48 PM
How was Cartright?
Anonymous says..2:11 PM
who is playing at J&Js?
Anonymous says..2:22 PM
Tonight at J&J's...



8:15 PM CST

crankitup says..2:25 PM
HOT was great last night. ctr, TWO keytar bands, and the metalcore guy. all great.
the dogs who talk shit about HOT have probably never been there.
Anonymous says..3:43 PM
fishboy and ryan anderson at the barley house on sunday.
Anonymous says..3:45 PM

What it comes down to is that lately, the best three shows i've seen in the entire D/FW/Denton "proper" have been at The House of Tinnitus, The 8th Continent, and Secret Headquarters. I think it's safe to say that all of these places are what one might definantly call d.i.y. venues. Most of the other clubs in the area simply aren't any fun, whereas places like H.O.T., The 8th, and SHQ are not only booking great shows, but even if they weren't having shows they are fun places to go to just hang out with your friends. For the most part, if you don't have cash for their shows, the people who live/work at these places are more likely to cut you some slack, and if all else fails you can probably just find a friend out front to chill with, drink a beer with, blow a doober....whatever your preference.

Josh Baish is just afraid that these house party's are stealing his fire. And he should be. Because they are. What a greedy motherfucker by the way. Complete douchebag, by the way. If you can't tell from what he wrote on here then I dare you to hang out with the fucker for an evening. Jesus. As much as you guys and girls might like the SHOWS at Rubber Gloves, just remember where your hard earned money is going. Straight into the pockets of Josh Fucking Baish.
joshbaish says..4:19 PM
Both "douchebag" and "motherfucker" are waaay overused.

We should hang out sometime.
farah says..5:45 PM
hey guys I wanna go out tonite whats up? but I got to record too.
Anonymous says..6:37 PM
hey meet me at mockingburd cafe ekspress
farah says..7:01 PM
who wants to murder me at mockingbird cafe express? What's wrong with Plano cafe express? I can walk there
schmancy says..7:12 PM
Anonymous said...
b. brown upstaged rob g. last night..... just sayin

10:23 AM

this is about as relevant as the hot vs shq argument. there isn't a competition, dork face.

now, if the cavern could've had it's timing lined up right with it's fucking website, then maybe I would've had much longer to see bb to compare and rate, but I don't typically go to shows to see how I can rate each band in sequential order or fineness. what's the fucking point?

not only that, I've see bb before, and it's lovely, but for crying out loud?! can you really upstage a vibraphone, cello, violin, tuba, etc? come on!
schmancy says..7:15 PM
5:45 PM, long winded darling,foot in mouth, darling? foot in mouth.
schmancy says..7:15 PM
5:45 PM, long winded darling,foot in mouth, darling? foot in mouth.
Anonymous says..7:46 PM
I love you Nancy, but you know it's the truth. Baish has always been a fucker. Thank God someone is calling him out on it for once. Thank God for anonymity. By the way, i'm sick and fucking tired of Stoned Ranger and Defensive Listening getting on to people for being "anons" or making anonymous posts. I have NO IDEA who either of you are(as well as most everyone I know...it's a mystery), so please stop being COMPLETE FUCKING HYPOCRITES. You're as anonymous as me miss/mr. SR and DL.
stonedranger says..8:01 PM
I'd like you to point to one example of me EVER getting pissed off at someone for being anonymous. I WOULD have to be a piece of shit if I did that. We use the term "anons" to describe anonymous posts, and I do get pissed at the content of anonymous posts (as well as when one anon makes two posts pretending to be multiple people that hold the same position), but I've never been mad at anyone for posting under "anonymous." Honestly.
Anonymous says..8:53 PM
cliff notes..
Anonymous says..9:41 PM
don't you love record label hype whores?i remember the time when rob g was totally ignored(except maybe for paul slavens on 90.1)now he's upstaging the brown girl..the Q really is...nissan or gap bound?
the truth says..9:45 PM
i always imagine stonedranger as wilson from home improvement
Anonymous says..11:30 PM
Episode Twelve at J&J's was just fantastic. All of the bands... just amazing.
Thanks so much to everyone who came.
Photos and video coming to gutterth.com soon.
Thanks again.
Anonymous says..11:44 PM
Honestly? Fag.
Anonymous says..12:33 AM
Don't all monies made at the door for house shows go to the touring bands? Why would anyone cut you slack, or why would you expect that?

You're fucked up. Hang out at your house if you want to smoke a "doob". You're not supporting anything but your selfish habits and stroking your own ego.

You don't give a shit about DIY. You just want to steal people's beer and be seen doing it.
Anonymous says..12:36 AM
yes, i know coinstar charges 8.25% but really... stop paying for shit in change, it's annoying.
-the manager
joshbaish says..6:07 AM
- RGRS started as a DIY, just like SHQ and HOT, but after a visit from COD officials, was told to make a decision ASAP: to file as an LLC or we were SOL. We chose the latter, and will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year.
- Talk to me when you've owned a live music venue in Denton for 10 years.
- Criticism is one thing, but name calling anonymously? C'mon. If you're gonna label somebody a fucker/douchebag/asshole, at the very least have the cajones to own up to it.
- If I were greedy, we would've booked Pimpadelic here years ago.

Peace in the Middle East.

Anonymous says..6:52 AM
Anonymous says..8:20 AM
josh- whats wrong with pimpadelic? you have booked bigger bands than them and ones that are comparable to them.

i don't think that makes you greedy it just makes you a business man (no judgement)...
Anonymous says..8:41 AM
pimpadelic would not play that shit hole. They would play haleys
Anonymous says..9:00 AM
"pimpadelic would not play that shit hole. They would play haleys"

and maybe they wouldn't misspell Hailey's
Anonymous says..9:04 AM
if everyone here hates rubber gloves so much, then why do bands that visit here and drc still play there. everytime we've played there i've had a blast sometimes we get payed well, sometimes we don't but who cares. our intention is not to be famous or make a lot of money, we just want to have fun, try to take every show to a little different level, maybe do something creative, meet some cool (and some not so cool) touring bands, take a bunch of pictures and when we are old remember what we did with our best friends when we were younger.
so whatever.
Anonymous says..9:05 AM
"here's a banger in your mouth"-

mrs. featherbottom
Anonymous says..9:07 AM
rubber gloves is a great place to play and i don't think anyone is a better sound guy than JC.
Anonymous says..9:42 AM
stoned ranger how do you know when people agree with themselves in posts? just curious.
Farah says..9:52 AM
rubber gloves is great! I've heard that from so many touring bands! The Lovemakers, Glass Candy!
Anonymous says..10:21 AM
RGRS is not only a great business idea, but probably the best legit venue in dDFW. As a band, if you aren't making money there, you probably aren't bringing people there.

There was one punk rock DIY place where I went to college, and two shitty venues that couldn't book anything near the quality that comes through Denton. Don't take it for granted. Could be worse, you could be in dallas.
Anonymous says..10:28 AM
Rubber Gloves is great.
Anonymous says..11:10 AM
We should be grateful for what we have. We have more than one aswsome place in this town to go to shows at.We should be grateful that we have a choice of more than one place to go and see a show. I guess some people wont understand how good we have it until its gone.
Anonymous says..11:41 AM
You guys are so easily pissed off on here. It's like I can just get on here and say anything, be it lie or truth, and you people just eat it up and get all defensive. It's so sad. You're all so unsure of yourselves that you will take anything anyone says to heart and get super defensive in a heart-beat. You're mad because in MY OPINION, I think Rubber Gloves is just not having as good of shows as the house venues around here. I go to shows every week, and lately Rubber Gloves just seems dark, cliquish, and expensive. Why the fuck would I want to go there when I can go hang out at my friends house with my other friends, listen to good music, feel accepted, and not have to pay out the ass for the door charge/alcohol prices? Josh Baish is one of the most disgustingly smug people i've ever met and I choose not to support him and I don't care how many of you people with your noses up his ass say different. I don't care if he gets Prince to play Rubber Gloves. I'm not supporting him monetarily anymore. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. If you don't like my opinion then, well, that's just too bad. Get defensive and react. It just makes me look more on the mark. Later days.
mc says..12:30 PM
RGRS is just about the coolest live music venue I've ever been to (I've been to a lot), and they have had some great stuff over the years, and still do.

I will say though that they seem to be missing out on a lot of interesting shows that, based on the number of people in attendance at said DIY shows, you would think RGRS would be able to and want to reel in.
M-. says..12:55 PM
RGRS is always fun and have treated us (and other bands we know) well even though some of our shows have been total tax write-offs for them.

However, that being said, I really miss the big plastic cups they used for beer. Can you bring those back at the 10th Anniversary Party if'n there is one?
joshbaish says..1:52 PM
Hate to let you down, but do you really think RGRS has an "us against them" mentality when it comes to the recent rise of the DIY in Denton?

Please. We don't forget our roots.
Anything that pops up here creatively, especially in the vein of music and all that it implies, is only going to add to Denton's showy goodness. Everybody involved benefits from it. We've never claimed to have a hold on every band worth it's salt, it's great to see that they're still able to come and play in Denton.

And again with the money. It's called a business, I'm not here to "cut you some slack" when you "you don't have cash for their shows", you know, maaann, just so you can "find a friend out front to chill with, drink a beer with, blow a doober".

Our shows are generally no more than $5 or $6, same as it's been since '97. You want "free"? It's called "Free Week", first week of every September. Our prices are
I looked up "smug: adjective (smugger, smuggest) irritatingly pleased with oneself; self-satisfied."
Shit yeah! I've had the opportunity to own RGRS for the past decade, and I'm not sorry if you're irritated by it.

Speaking your mind is easy when you're hiding behind an anonymous post...
Anonymous says..2:30 PM

well said, baish.
uncle beef says..2:36 PM
denton just pretty much sucks all the way around.
Anonymous says..3:09 PM
bring back the mcrib!
Anonymous says..3:23 PM
farewell tour... uh... 3?

i think its about time for it to die in a plane crash.
schmancy says..4:26 PM
Anonymous said...
don't you love record label hype whores?i remember the time when rob g was totally ignored(except maybe for paul slavens on 90.1)now he's upstaging the brown girl..the Q really is...nissan or gap bound?

11:41 PM

has it occured to you that maybe as a result of any label hype, more people are aware due to the publicity? that's actually how it's supposed to work. derr!
schmancy says..4:39 PM
lately Rubber Gloves just seems dark, cliquish, and expensive. Why the fuck would I want to go there when I can go hang out at my friends house with my other friends, listen to good music, feel accepted, and not have to pay out the ass for the door charge/alcohol prices? Josh Baish is one of the most disgustingly smug people i've ever met and I choose not to support him and I don't care how many of you people with your noses up his ass say different.

riiiight, I'm sure that if I showed up at your friends' houses, it wouldn't feel clique-ish at all, it wouldn't be dark and dirty, and wouldn't cost me $10 in beer that I brought over but you and your free-loading friends drank it all?

I don't say all this necessarily in defense of josh, but for the sake of pointing out your weak arguement. Now, why don't you just email/call/approach josh personally and privately with whatever wet sand he put in your underwear in the first place rather than air your dirty laundry on a public forum? If it's a personal thing, it's no reflection of the rest of the bar, the venue,or the people that support it. You'll have the same problem at any venue you go to, cos you'll always have to pay cover, always feel out of place, and always have to pay for beer if you're feeling it at rgrs already.

awww! tear!
farah says..4:40 PM
ha ha I thought smug was cool too. I want to be smug. Elitist is a great word too. I won't go to these stinkin house parties, who are they where are they wherever they may be I'm sure it is pathetic and gross.
Anonymous says..7:35 PM
farah, you are not invited to these house parties unless you bring the darkness with you.
Anonymous says..9:49 AM
Gross is a definite.
shq says..10:06 AM
I couldn't agree/disagree more with you. You're so right/wrong. It makes me so sad/happy.

RGRS fucking rools.

Here's our bullshit dis weekend

8:00pm - $4 -
Current Leaves + Red Monroe + The Watchers

8:00pm - $3 -
Brent Best + 100 Damned Guns
Anonymous says..12:37 PM
Farah....you're not invited to these houseparties PERIOD. Fuck off you talenless slut.
Anonymous says..12:42 PM
Hey Farah! When's your next show? Oh yeah, I forgot. No one around here likes your music enough to even book you. Farah on the bill = no one shows up. Well, i'm sure if you suck on Johnny Jewels dick long enough he'll book you this great show in Portland. As a matter a' fact, why don't you MOVE to Portland. I'm sure they'll just love you there. That is, until they get to know you and hear your shitty songs and then, well, I guess you'll be in an even worse spot than here. I don't know then Farah. Kill yourself maybe? It might bring you more infamy?
Anonymous says..1:04 PM
Why be a dick just to be a dick? Small people, man.
Anonymous says..1:16 PM
let's go see bands just to prove to ourselves they suck. let's not go just to get out of the 9-5 drill and blow off some steam. let's go with hatred in our hearts. let's not have fun anymore. no fun is the new cool.
Anonymous says..1:21 PM
Farah's playing on Friday. Duh, asshole.
Anonymous says..11:55 PM
Farah deserves everything she gets. Fuck her. She is the most worthless piece of shit in the moetroplex. Hands down. Remember this when she's at your party at your house and tells you and all of your friends that you're all losers. I've seen it happen twice. Fuck Farah. And if you actually like Farah, fuck you too. As far as i'm concerned you're supporting a no talent, starfucking assclown who would just as soon walk all over you in order to better her "career".
Anonymous says..11:59 PM
Wow. Farah's playing on Friday! Is Glass Candy back in town? Cuz they're the only idiots who want to see her perform. Mainly because she flatters them by making her whole set a bunch of GOD AWFUL Glass Candy covers.
Anonymous says..12:36 AM
There was a clothing wharehouse called "Farrah's" while I was growing up in El Paso. The man who owned it named it after his daughter. Later on, he came out of the closet, and left his family, scaring Farrah emotionally.
She was always a very sweet girl, yet I knew the experience was very tramautic for her...
Anonymous says..1:00 AM
....and Farah Nemat is a complete fuckwit.
Anonymous says..8:24 AM
Well, she's never been anything but kind to me.
farah says..12:35 PM
you guys make me really really sad. I can't read these comments anymore even if weshotjr writes about me, I just can't read it. no more. I don't go out in the scene anymore, I don't want to be a part of this. I love my music and work hard on it at home every weekend. Anyway, truce, I'll stop commenting and reading comments. Peace out.
Anonymous says..1:35 AM
Good. Get lost you fucking shithead.
Anonymous says..1:37 AM
Eat shit, Farah.
Anonymous says..11:55 AM
farah, stop coming on here and talking to yourself.
Anonymous says..6:43 PM
You NEVER go out in the scene anyways, Farah. And thank God for that.
Anonymous says..8:16 PM
only douchebag assholes rejoice in being called smug. josh baish really is all of the above.
Anonymous says..9:03 PM
Farah Nemat is a talented superfreak!
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